14 Whole30 Recipes for One (Single Servings FTW!) (2024)

If the Whole30 is on your to-do list, we’ve got some good news: There’s no shortage of quality recipes on the internet. The not-so-great news (for some of us): Most of those recipes are designed to feed at least two people. Sometimes this really simplifies the meal-planning process. But what if you’re single? Or the only one in your house on the program? Or stuck with a shoebox-size fridge that just doesn’t have space for tons of leftover chicken stir-fry?

These Whole30 recipes make just one serving, so they tackle the problems you face when you’re cooking solo: too many leftovers, spending unnecessary time in the kitchen, and reminding yourself that your imaginary boyfriend won’t be clearing a plate any time soon. These are all about you (the #greatistyou).

1. Denver Scramble

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If your prosciutto’s Whole30 approved (this means it only contains salt and pork), throw it into your breakfast scramble with onions and peppers. With the three eggs in this single-serving recipe, there’s enough protein here to power you through the morning.

2. Single-Serve Paleo Breakfast Skillet

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Banana’s starchier cousin, plantain, makes a special appearance in this skillet, adding a sweet contrast to the bacon and plenty of healthy carbohydrates for a.m. energy. Toss a fried egg on top so the runny yolk can ooze over the meat and veggies for a no-brainer “sauce.”

3. Spaghetti Squash Frittata for One

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Add a ton of volume to your frittata with one and a half cups of cooked spaghetti squash folded right into the eggs. The noodle-like filling almost makes it feel like you’re eating pasta for breakfast, while the added spinach and peppers boost the veggie count even higher.

4. Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet (For 1)

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It comes in a small skillet, but this meal sure packs in a ton at once: protein from the chicken and egg, sweet potato for filling carbohydrates, and lots of avocado for some healthy fat. If there were prizes for the picture-perfect balanced breakfast, this one would be in the running.

5. The Breakfast Salad

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One of the perks of the Whole30 is getting creative with the approved ingredients—why not use some of them in a breakfast salad? If you can’t find turkey sausage with zero sugar included, the blogger suggests compliant bacon as a yummy alternative.

6. Sweet Potato & Egg Breakfast Boats

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Choose a Whole30-compliant hot sauce, and make sure your bacon is just pork and salt, and these sweet potato breakfast boats can be what you’re chowing down for your next breakfast. They take a little while in the oven, so bookmark them for a weekend—the extra time is worth the gorgeous (and tasty) results.

7. Pan-Seared Salmon With Capers and Baby Artichokes

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Who says single-serving meals have to be rushed and half-heartedly thrown together? Treat yourself to a special night in with a superfood salmon dinner, sprinkled with capers and served alongside artichokes. The whole thing only takes about 20 minutes total. Not on Team Capers? Leave ’em out.

8. Stuffed Avocado With Garlic Shrimp

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Avocado is practically the poster child for clean eating, and here, it’s filled with even more fresh, nutritious ingredients, like olive oil, shrimp, and herbs. Just looking at it makes you feel better (but eat it too because it’s delicious).

9. Skillet Chicken With Artichokes for One

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With artichoke hearts, red onion, and Kalamata olives in the skillet (along with chicken), it’s hard to decide which ingredient is the star of this show. Take one bite and you can choose who gets the gold, the silver, or the bronze. Note: Leave the feta cheese out of this one. Save that for when your Whole30 is over.

10. Spaghetti Squash Stir-Fry

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If you’re in the market for a new stir-fry recipe, you’ve landed on a gem. Spaghetti squash gets upgraded in the simplest way by adding in lots of veggies and chicken.

11. Paprika Lunch Omelet

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Not just for breakfast, eggs are fair game any time of day, especially on the Whole30. Whip up this omelet for a quick lunch or dinner; it’s simple and straightforward, but the paprika, oregano, and thyme give it that special touch.

12. Baked Italian Chili Chicken

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A chicken bake is usually made for a crowd, but this single-serving version gives you all the juiciness of oven-roasted tomatoes and meat, without the hassle of storing leftovers. Serve with potatoes to sop up all the flavors.

13. Zucchini Noodles Aglio and Olio

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You’ll need to hold off on the optional Parmesan garnish here to keep things dairy-free, but we promise you won’t even miss it (especially if you add an egg instead, which we highly recommend so this meal gets some protein). You’ll be amazed at how just olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes can take zucchini to new heights.

14. Easy Lemon Chicken

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No need to roast an entire bird if you’re craving a chicken dinner just yourself. This recipe is the definition of simple in so many ways: There are no fancy seasonings, it’s ready in just 12 minutes, and adaptable to the veggies you have on hand. Swap out the tablespoon of white wine for compliant broth—or even just water!

14 Whole30 Recipes for One (Single Servings FTW!) (2024)


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