67 Tech, Home and Toy Deals Under $25 You Can Still Nab as July 4th Sales End (2024)

The Fourth of Julyholiday is all done, but many of its sales are still running for a few more hours, and you can pick up some amazing things for under $25. With the cost of living ever rising, it's great to find something that's not only useful but costs far less, and now is the last time to grab these leftover Fourth of July deals. There are still plenty of sales from top retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmarthanging around, so now is the perfect time to score items that will help make your home smarter, faster and more organized without having to spend big.

There are big savings to be had on everything from small kitchen appliances to games and more without busting your budget. We're continually updating this page to remove deals as they disappear and add any new discounted products as we head into the weekend. These savings won't last forever, so act fast.

July 4th deals under $25 on tech

There are too many devices to be charged in most homes, and the Anker power strip is here to make things easier with its ability to turn one wall outlet into three AC outlets, two USB-A ports and a USB-C port.

Once you set up this Wi-Fi mesh extender, it will boost your wireless internet coverage up to 1,500 square feet. It can connect up to 30 devices at once and it's compatible with any router or access point. Plus, it has an indicator to help you find the ideal placement in your home. At 54% off, this is a no-brainer to end buffering and dead zones around your home.

July 4th deals under $25 on home and kitchen

Say goodbye to spending money and time at the local coffee shop every day and start making your cup of joe at home. This coffee maker is programmable to make up to 12 cups of coffee.

BJ's Wholesale membership: $20 Save $35

With the rising cost of groceries, buying in bulk can bring you some big savings. Now, when you sign up for a BJ's membership with auto-renewal, you can get the first year for only $20.

$20 at StackSocial

July 4th deals under $25 on health and wellness

If you want to invest in some workout equipment and don't know where to start, dumbbells are a great option. These handheld weights can be used in many workouts. They're light enough to use while doing cardio exercises, and they come in many colors so you can pick one that matches your style.

July 4th deals under $25 on toys and games

This kit lets you build your very own real working robots, which includes 12 included blueprints for 12 different robots with designs for boats, animals, cars and more.

July 4th deals under $25 on outdoor items

Take these lanterns with you on your next camping trip. They're foldable, making it easy to take them with you on the go. They're also waterproof, so they're able to withstand all of your adventures. The battery life is noteworthy as well, lasting up to 25 hours.

In addition to the deals above, lots of other sales and promotions are still going on right now. We'll keep this page updated throughout the weekend as deals expire or any new finds crop up, so keep checking back. We're monitoring these and otherFourth of July salesacross all major retailers, so you can find the best bargains still available this July.

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67 Tech, Home and Toy Deals Under $25 You Can Still Nab as July 4th Sales End (2024)


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