9 Best Shoes with Wheels 2021: Options for Kids & Adults (Boy's & Girl's) - Shoe Reports (2024)

Shoes with wheels. You either love them or hate them, but chances are: your kids, or maybe nieces and nephews, would absolutely love them. And why wouldn’t they? Shoes that have wheels on them are awesome. Not only do you get everything a ‘normal’ shoe has, but you also get a wheel in the back to help them zoom around at warp speed. The right kid, with the right respect for rules and safety, will do just fine with a pair of these shoes, and they’ll have so much fun that they will pay for themselves in no time. Today, we’re going to take a look at the best and most popular pairs of shoes that have wheels in 2018. We are going to break down the things to look for and answer your questions about them before getting to reviews of some of the most popular options currently on sell.

Top Shoe With Wheels Comparison Chart

1. Heelys Propel 2.0 Men's SneakerAdults & Kids$$$
2. Nsasy Girl’s and Boy's Light Up Wheel ShoesKids$$$$
3. Heelys Motion Plus Skate ShoeAdults & kids$$
4. Heelys Unisex Kids’ Force ShoesKids$$
5. Razor Jetts DLX Heel Wheels
Adults & kids$$$
6. Heelys Men’s Launch Fashion SneakerAdults & kids$$$
7. Heelys Fresh X2 Skate ShoesAdults & kids$$$
8. Heelys Kid’ Uptown Sneaker
9. Heelys Hyper Skate Shoe
Adults & kids$$$

Shoes with Wheels Buying Guide

Reasons Your Kid Should Have Them and Why They Want Them

There are a few factors that every kid will have in mind when they ask for a shoe with wheels on it. One of the things that plays a major role is the fact that it is trendy and is quite a cool thing to do. This is just a fact of life, and as parents, you should just get used to the fact that they are always going to have something out there driving them and influencing them to want what others have, too. Other kids just like how they look, and they want to be able to be one of the sharpest looking kids at school.

Another reason they would love them is because they are helpful at getting them around. They are much quicker and also are a lot of fun, too, and they help teach balance and give them something to learn at the same time. The last reason I will mention is that they could also be a good learning tool for someone that wants to learn how to skateboard or do a similar sport. All of these reasons are valid and could be playing a role in your child’s desire for these shoes.

Shoe Safety

Making sure a child is safe is paramount, and that is an even bigger issue when it comes to shoes with wheels on them. No product is going to be 100% safe on its own, though you should always look and make sure that you are getting a safe product. The wheels, obviously, are the thing you have to look at. The wheels need to be able to last a while, so the material has to be strong. On top of that, they have to be balanced and hard enough to not break off. A shoe with a wobbly wheel that lasts a long time is also unsafe and not a lot of fun, and it will just end up being thrown away.

You have to be meticulous in your research, and that’s what we will help you with today when we get to the reviews later on. Also, safety also concerns the measures you are willing to go with your child. It’s not just the shoes, but it’s the rules and regulations that you teach them. It’d be a good idea to teach them the rules of the road, even for uses that are not on the road. Things like right of way and similar concepts, like staying to the right, can be very helpful and make them more predictable to others if they’re going to be riding in a public setting.

Those seem to work well, they are easy to learn, and they will develop a sense of respect toward other people, even if they aren’t on the actual road. Protective gear is also a good idea, especially for kids that are just starting out, and that can contribute a ton to keeping the safe and smiling.

How Easy Are They To Learn?

Learning how to use wheeled shoes is going to vary from person to person, in truth. Some kids will pick it up rather easily. For those that have experience with skateboards, roller blades, and roller skating, it should be a real piece of cake because they will be used to the feel. However, someone that is essentially blind to those sorts of activities is bound to have some issues right out of the gate, and it would not be a surprise to see them lose balance and fall a few times.

This is why it is a great idea to make your child wear protective gear to begin with, especially a helmet. If you are concerned that your child will have difficulties, though, that doesn’t mean you should just unilaterally rule out the purchase. Instead, you can take them some place where there is a rail and let them learn that way. It will effectively become like a training wheel for a bike that way, and they can slowly come off the rail as they get better and better.

Statistics have shown that most users fall in their first five times of use. IF they make it past this point, they typically do not have an accident. Of course, if they are scooting around dangerously, or if someone knocks them over, it’s a different story, but they don’t just end up falling all on their own.

To Heely or Not To Heely

Heelys were founded in the year 2000, just a short 18 years ago, but they seem like they have been around a lot longer for some reason. From the very beginning, Roger Adams, the founder and creator of Heelys, had a vision and stuck to it. He had loved skating growing up, and was in a bit of a midlife crisis of his own, and the idea helped him break out of that while giving kids something fun and cool to do.

They were ultra popular through 2009-10, but they have since seen some of that must-have wear off. A lot of the problems stemmed from the fact the schools began to ban them and that people were getting injured. A lot of that can be fixed with a few simple rules, but those are hard to come by nowadays. Still yet, they remain a big part of this subset of the shoe industry as a whole. Heelys are the originators of the whole idea, and as such they take up a large part of the marketplace. Truth be told, there isn’t anyone close to them, and everyone has been and still is chasing their shadows.

As a result, a good chunk of any list is going to be comprised of them simply because they are the people that began the trend. As such, they are a very high quality product, and they have to looked at and considered thoughtfully. They do have competitors, and some of those are good, but on the whole, the best way to honestly go about buying wheeled shoes is to get them from Heelys. There aren’t a lot of downsides to them, either. The price they ask is not prohibitive in nature at all, because they aren’t really that expensive to begin with.

Some of the more special designs can cost more than the regular Heelys, it must be said, but even those don’t go all that outrageous regarding price. They are more costly than a normal pair of tennis shoes or sneakers, but they aren’t so expensive that they can’t be afforded. Only someone looking for a massive bargain would look away from them, really. And with that, you can get questionable quality. This isn’t a piece meant to promote Heelys, we just want to give the best possible shoes with wheels to the people.

But it just remains to be seen if anyone can eclipse them. So far the answer is a no, but there is a chance that could change. We are open to other brands, but just know the original designers are Heelys, and that they command a lot of respect because of that and their commitment to good products. Much like Coca-Cola has made ‘co*ke’ become the name everyone associates with Cola, ‘Wheelys’ have become the equivalent to wheeled shoes. It might not be the actual brand name, but everyone knows the Wheely name and will call them that anyway.

Features to Look For in Wheeled Shoes

These are the things you should look for in a good wheeled shoe. If they don’t have these things, then you will have to carefully weigh your choices and decide if you want to go another route or not.

Shoe Wheel Types

A good wheel is going to be made out of what is called high density PU. PU is just an abbreviation for polyurethane, which is a material that has a ton of benefits. Among them include being strong and and resistant. They offer resistance to a number of things, such as tears, water, and oil. It’s difficult to slip over with this type of wheel underneath you that’s for sure!

Another thing that wheels can do is retract. This is an option, that comes with a button mechanism to launch them, that is not present with Heelys but is there in some other brands. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s an option you could choose to go with. The size of a wheel is something that changes from one manufacturer to another. Generally, the bigger the wheel is, the more stability and balance it will bring. Smaller ones can be used to make turning and tricks easier, but overall balance will suffer.

The number of wheels is also a factor in your choice. Some will come with just one wheel, others will feature two of them. The best idea for a beginner is to look for a pair that has two wheels on each shoe, as it helps you balance a little bit more, whereas those with only one are made for older, more experienced kids that want to go faster and be able to turn on a dime.

Toe Box & Enclosures

Something a lot of people will overlook or plain out forget is the enclosure that a shoe uses. No matter what kind of shoe it is, this can be a vital role in safety, but it’s an even bigger deal in regards to shoes with wheels on them because you are making them a little less safe already by letting them have them. The first thing that must be done is to make sure the child is fitted into the shoes snugly and securely. No one wants them to be crammed into the shoe, but you also don’t want to see their feet sliding back and forth, either. By making sure they have a thumb, and not much more than that or you risk that danger from happening, you can ensure they have plenty of space but are also secure.

The next thing to look at is how the shoe is closed. This can be done with laces, zippers, Velcro, or any number of systems nowadays. Depending on the age of the child and how much you will be around, you need to consider what to do. If they will be wearing the shoes away from you, it might be wise to go with a Velcro or something like that to make sure they don’t have to worry about tying their shoes. Because if they forget to do so or just neglect to, they could end up slipping over on them and getting injured.

There are some pairs that offer a combination of the Velcro and normal laces, which is a good idea. You can always teach the child to just stuff the laces inside if they happen to come untied if this happens. Another option is to get no tie shoelaces. These are elastic and can be used to replace shoelaces, and they make the whole experience much easier while looking a lot like normal strings on your shoes!

Shoe and Wheel Grip

Grip is something to also consider when you are looking at a wheeled shoe. First of all, it’s a good idea because you are going to want something that they can walk around in when they are not riding on the wheel itself. But furthermore, they need good grip when they are wheeling around on them, too, because it can help keep them from slipping and sliding around. They also help in the breaking component, helping by slowing up the shoe as they drag. Typically, the best option is rubber or some sort of similar compound.

This makes them more durable and able to stand up to repeated use and also makes them more grippy than something like ordinary leather would be able to give. If you have a look at the bottom of a pair of shoes and don’t see designs there that are made, then chances are they won’t have a lot of grip. It’s a small detail, but the details do add up and can make a difference between these shoes being worn a long time or them rotting away in the closet for years.

Shoe Comfort

Comfort isn’t as much of a deal for kids as it is for us adults, but it’s still nice to know that you won’t be handing them something that’s uncomfortable or cumbersome to wear. You wouldn’t do that to yourself, so you shouldn’t do it to them, either. One awesome thing that a good pair will have is a lot of padding, especially on the bottom of the shoe. The reason why you want more comfort included is because the wheel, could in theory, rub up against and make you lose comfort.

That is where good cushioning comes into play, and it helps pad against that from happening. Wheelys also tend to be extra padded on all over so that in the case of a fall there won’t be as many injuries, at least to the foot area. If the braking mechanism is operated by holding the heels down, then it is very much a necessity to have extra padding. If you notice that a pair of shoes is made out of canvas, then you should know these will be less comfortable than most other pairs. Canvas doesn’t offer a lot in the way of padding, instead helping to cut down on the overall weight. Because of that, older and more experienced wearers should be the ones that wear those, not new and younger riders.

Styles & Options

Finally, we get to style. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wheeled shoe that wasn’t a sneaker before, so that is very much the norm and to be expected. The reason they are made that way is simple economics and common sense: they double as a school shoe or a walk-around shoe, and most kids wear them anyway, so it’s just the way it is. They go with everything imaginable, so there’s no worrying about matching your clothes. One choice to make is whether to go with a low top or a high top.

A high top is more protective of the foot and ankle area, working to cut down on rolled ankles, but they can be heavier and more restrictive. Low tops are typically lighter and give you more freedom to move around, but they don’t give as much protection. This is usually based upon the individual, so you just have to decide on a case-by-case basis.

Best Shoes with Wheels Reviews

Heelys Propel 2.0 Men’s Sneaker

One of the biggest favorites of all-time from Heelys, the Propel 2.0 has earned its place amongst the best due to having an awesome silhouette look and great ride-ability. And on top of that, if you are an older guy, you, too, can have a pair of wheeled shoes with this pair! Coming in a plethora of colors, all offset with the flashy Heelys log, they just look awesome. The 2.0 in this instance isn’t a model, rather is speaks to the smoothness of the ride.

1 is the best score that you can get on the scale, so a 2.0 is sure to be quite a smooth and precise ride for you to have. There aren’t a ton of frills to these shoes, what you see is what you get, but what you get is just a very solid shoe that does its job well and looks nice in doing so. The synthetic nature of it helps to make it breathable (so your feet don’t sweat), while remaining light in weight and also durable.

The bottom has nice rubber treading to it, that looks nice, too, with its designs, and it comes with a single, very pretty wide wheel. They also have laces for the enclosure, factoring in to your decision. One of the main problems of this shoe is that it runs very small, so you will have to size according to their chart or risk getting the wrong fit. Another thing to know is that the toe is hard, so you will definitely want them to have a bit of room at the end of the toe. They also tend to fall apart after a lot of use, so that is something to think about, too.


  • For big kids, too!
  • Smooth and balanced ride
  • Lots of tread on the bottom


  • Runs very small
  • Prolonged use leads to tears
  • Has a hard toe area

Nsasy Girl’s and Boy’s Light Up Wheel Shoes

If you are looking to buy for a young girl or boy that wants something flashy to catch some attention, then Nsasy has you covered with these light up shoes. Combining two fads into one, these wheeled shoes also glow in the dark to produce an out of this world type experience. Unlike a lot of glow in the dark stuff, the battery can even be replaced if it happens to run out eventually.

The glow itself is controlled from the inside with a switch, making it possible to turn them off and on. They’ve got a ton of snazzy colors to select from, too, so anyone should be happy with at least one of the pairs. When you are ready to ride, you have to press a button on the side of the heels before you start. The wheels have a quiet bearing to them to make them quiet on the floor and to help ride smoother.

One thing you notice is that the wheel is pretty narrow, so that is something that might not be the absolute best thing for younger riders. You have to be careful to not wear the shoe will doing a lot of exercise or in or around a lot of water, else it will end up ruining the electronics and end the glowing fun. They also are very heavy, too, making them harder to maneuver than you’d like them to be.


  • Glow in the dark
  • Won’t make a lot of noise
  • Lots of colors to choose from


  • Heavy to wear
  • Wheel is narrow
  • Can’t do certain things kids are used to doing without thinking

Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe

Designed for both big and little kids, the Motion Plus is based off an earlier designed model and features an array of colors in style that can help any boy or girl look and feel their coolest ever with styles like skull and crossbones and a purple and pink glitter. A quick look shows that the wheel itself is a little bit more narrow than the Propel 2.0, meaning you can expect the ride to be a little bit less smooth. However, it doesn’t mean that it will be a bad fell for you at all. The collar and tongue are each padded and you can tell just by looking at them that they will give more comfort and some cushion if you do happen to fall.

The outsole is very flexible on this pair of shoes, and it also comes with a wheel that can be removed if you choose to do so. It’s a low top, too, so if you are looking for a little bit more protection, this might not be your best pair. With that said, it is a heavy low top, which is a little bit against the norm. The lining inside is exceptionally comfortable and helps prevent any blistering or other signs of foot distress, while the tops are breathable enough to keep the rider happy. Like many pairs of wheeled shoes, they run small and narrow, so you have to make sure to pay attention and change the size accordingly. Lastly, a problem exists with the smell of the shoes. They have a strong chemical aroma to them, which can lead some people to just say no to them.


  • Lots of varied designs
  • Very flexible low top
  • Adequate padding


  • Weights quite a bit
  • Strong smell is a detractor
  • Runs small and narrow

Heelys Unisex Kids’ Force Shoes

Much different than the normal skate shoe look that you get and we have gotten so far, the Force from Heelys is very similar to a regular basketball shoe that you would see being worn on the court. It has a high tongue and a mid top look in the back (it doesn’t quite qualify as a high top, for me) to give some more protection to the wearer while also being cool in a different sense than the others so far.

Most of the colors do look really nice, but with this kind of style it has to be said that the shoes look a little plain because of the way they have paneled the shoes together. Lots of mesh is used in this shoe, like most basketball shoes today, too, which keeps up the illusion that they are for basketball until you decide to let everyone in on the secret that they’ve got a wheel to them.

That wheel is comparable to the one that is in the Motion Plus, so it can be decent. One complaint to be had with these is that they make quite a bit of noise, making them useful on in the house or outside of it in most cases. The shoelaces are also a concern due to the fact that they will wear out over time and have to be replaced. Sizing remains an issue with these, so you will have to order larger in order to get the right fit.


  • Basketball look with a wheel
  • More protection to be had
  • Lots of mesh makes them more breathable


  • Looks kind of plain
  • Sizing issues
  • Makes a lot of noise

Razor Jetts DLX Heel Wheels

If you find yourself with a pair of shoes that you feel comfortable and protected with and think they will last, then you might look for something a little bit different. Instead of a shoe with a heel, you can attach these to your shoes and make them able to wheel around. The way they do this is by using an adjustable strap that goes across the rear part of the shoe.

They are very quick to assemble, so they won’t take up a lot of time and are a good idea if you are worried about when and where your child will use a ‘Heely. These are great if you have a kid that is growing very quickly and you don’t know what size to get them. Though it must be said that these are about as expensive as a shoe, so it’s not the greatest price ever in that regard.

They are tough to balance on by some accounts and are tough to learn on. They also seem to do much better on smoother surfaces, with bumpy sidewalks and roads causing some issues. Oh, and they make sparks as you ride, which can make a younger kid’s day for sure!


  • Can attach to just about any shoe
  • Won’t be too big or small
  • Sparking is a highlight


  • Hard to learn and balance on
  • Hefty price to some
  • Not good on bumpy terrain

Heelys Men’s Launch Fashion Sneaker

In the Men’s Launch sneaker, you find a shoe that is more geared toward the ‘bigger’ kid. And boy is it ever. If you want a rolling shoe that looks like one of the skate shoes of old, then this is the one for you because it just oozes that style in spades. This shoe comes in a number of colors, but the flat black look might just be the best look of all with the plain black canvas and the lines in the middle of the side part of the sole.

Notice the key word in that sentence: canvas. These are ‘fashion roller shoes,’ and that is what it takes to make them that. That means that they aren’t going to be quite a breathable or supportive, but in all honesty, how many ‘real’ skaters get a lot of protection anyway? You want a minimalist sort of feel on the board to grip it better, and that is the case with these shoes, too.

Another thing that might make you a little leery on these is the price, which is higher than most shoes that have wheels. However, due to the fashion label aspect and the fact these are larger sizes, it should only make sense and add up in our heads that they would cost more. It is also very tough to take the soles out of the shoes, so if you are flat footed, these might not be the best bet for you, despite how great they look. The sizing issues persist with these as well, so be ready for that.


  • Awesome look
  • Real skater feel
  • Fashionable and chic


  • Not a ton of support
  • Costs more than most
  • Also runs small

Heelys Fresh X2 Skate Shoes

Another shoe that finds itself firmly in the fashionable savvy range of shoes, the Fresh X2 seeks to please those riders that want to ride well and look ‘fresh’ (cool for those of you that don’t know) at the same time. Using a scheme very much reminiscent of old school Converse, these shoes are a definite throw back. One way they differ from Converses, though, is that there is no high top feel to guard your ankles.

Instead, the back is pretty low. The toe of this model is rounded and in a cap shape as well, which makes them pop off the screen and into your living room. The big X2 mark on the side is a little bit of a disappointment as its just so big. Without it, it would be plain, but it doesn’t have to take up so much room and be obnoxious, either. The colors available make it an ideal choice for either girls or boys, too.

The bottoms are perhaps where the most excitement should lie because this pair comes with not one but two wheels to help you glide around with ease. As said before, this just increases the smoothness of the ride and also helps the rider learn the task much more quickly, too, before graduating on to a newer and maybe tougher choice.

Instead of using canvas for these, they have used some synthetic materials, which helps to lower the cost and also makes them last a little bit longer and over more give, which also will be a good thing for the newer rider to have as they begin. Like a lot of Heelys, they run large. Also, they will fall apart at the seams after a lot of use, so don’t expect them to last forever, especially if they aren’t properly fitted.


  • Excellent for first time riders
  • Looks like Converses of old
  • Durable and cushioned


  • Marking takes up too much space
  • Sizing issues
  • Lots of use is hard on the seams

Heelys Kid’ Uptown Sneaker

The Uptown is yet another one of the more fashionable looks, but with this shoe we get something much different from the rest of the list so far: a high top. Along with the high top, you have the straight up tongue, and together, it just looks like a normal, old basketball shoe that just so happens to have a wheel under it.

Another big time helper here is the strap at the back that makes it easier to put them on, which is one reason a lot of these shoes aren’t worn any longer by kids. It comes in a ton of colors, with some sparkling and screaming and at you and others just looking classy. It’s quite a wide range, really, and that’s nice to have when you are trying to find the perfect color for someone.

The footbed does have a bit of a curiosity with a triangular shape to it. I’m not sure if it will cause problems, but it could if you are used to a very specific feel in the heel area. Unlike the Fresh X2, these shoes have just one wheel, which looks pretty small given the size of the shoes. It’s just not got a lot of profile to it, so this shoe is probably better served for more experienced riders. They are pretty heavy, as most high tops are, but that is the trade off for the extra ankle support they give. They do also have the sizing issues that have beset Heelys, as per usual.


  • Added ankle support
  • Another old school type look
  • Tons of colors


  • Sizing issues persist
  • Strange shape to footbed
  • Heavy and a little bulky

Heelys Hyper Skate Shoe

Back to reality a bit here with a shoe that is a little less fashion-oriented and a little bit more geared toward the toddler or the kid that just wants a wheeled shoe above all else. The Hyper looks good, but just isn’t going to be regarded as highly as the last three especially with its thrift store, campy, outer space sort of look. With that said, these shoes offer a lot.

A big helper is that they have Velcro included, which is sure to help lock in a rider and help him or her keep their shoes ‘tied’ as best they can if they do come undone. Coming with a wider than normal wheel in the back, this pair is sure to give a smooth ride to a beginner, and really that’s the perfect use for these. The laces are even different in these, with them being made from elastic material, which further points to the idea that these really are for the young rider.

The toe box, where the toes rest, has a lot of small holes poked out to make sure that a decent amount of airflow gets in and allows the rider a chance to breathe. There is even added padding available via the EVA in the heel and a foam sock to further pad the young rider from any potential falls or slips. The problems begin with a lack of space for wider feet. This joins, of course, the worries over the sizing which is just rampant with the Wheely brand. These also have a lot of question marks surrounding the durability of the shoe, so some of the designs could be a little better and more helpful instead of just there for decoration. They also are not the most comfortable model, so that’s just something to think about.


  • Good for young and inexperienced riders
  • Velcro and elastic closures
  • Smoother ride thanks to wide wheel


  • Runs narrow
  • Durability is not the best
  • Sci-fi look could be better

Conclusion & Final Recommendations for Shoes With Wheels

Man, woman, boy, girl, no matter the age or size of the ‘kid,’ shoes with wheels are out there to fit them. Before today, you probably assumed that these shoes had died out in a fad in the 2000s and that they were just for kids, but they are still around and kicking, with a bigger drawing space than ever before. It can be tough, then to find a pair of the shoes that are best for your special person (or yourself), but we have helped go over a number of options, each with their own unique ups and downs that should help you make the best call. Just do your research and find the right size and you’ll have given a gift that just keeps on giving!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoes With Wheels

How Do I Clean The Shoes & Wheels?

Cleaning shoes with wheels isn’t all that different from cleaning normal, ordinary shoes, really. Soap and warm water does a lot of good, even to the area where the wheel is, and will remove a lot of that dirt and grime. Just make sure to use a wash rag or something soft like that to get the most bang for your cleaning buck, if you will.

The thing you should never do with a wheeled shoe is to put it in the washer. You can do this with regular shoes, but if you do it with a wheeled shoe, you risk damaging the wheel or another part, thus ruining the fun. As always, the best advice for cleaning is to clean as you go. This cuts down on the amount of time it will take, and you will almost always have the freshest looking shoes possible as well.

Will They Start Making Noise?

That’s all really dependent on the pair you get and the circ*mstances of your use. If you get a rock lodged int them, then they will make more noise than they otherwise would, of course. But as far as making squeaking noises, which can be very annoying, it’s just going to depend. Some brands and models have a tendency to do that more than others, so you just have to research and be hopeful. Should you experience this, you can use WD-40 to try and solve the equation. That seems to solve a lot of problems.

Are These Shoes Organic or Vegan?

This is simply not true. A lot of skate shoes are made without any animal parts, and are thus called ‘Vegan,’ but that is not always the case. Shoes with wheels, thus, have an image in most people’s minds as also being this way. But unless a pair makes that claim, you cannot assume that it is. However, the biggest company, Heelys, are friendly to Vegans as they don’t use anything that comes from an animal. The only way you really have to go with this is to read the products’ about sections and then make your choice.

How Do The Sizes Usually Run?

For whatever reason, sizing seems to be fairly consistent with wheeled shoes. Why this is I’m not sure, but a lot of them tend to run smaller than regular ‘ol shoes would run. So generally, you will need to go a full size up in most cases. But a word of warning for those that are very young: some have had to go up two whole sizes, so it’s really difficult to judge. The best thing to do, if you can’t go in person, is to look at a sizing chart and measure in home to make sure you get the best possible fit that you can.

Should My Child Wear Protective Gear When Using Wheeled Shoes?

The answer to this is a clear yes. No child should be wheeling around without protective gear when he or she is still learning how to use them. While no one is perfect and you could hypothetically fall even when you have a ton of experience, you can start to ween your child off as they get better and better. And as they get older they are simply just not going to put the stuff off and wear it every time anyway.

But up until a certain age and skill level, which is up to your discretion, they should definitely be wearing helmets (the biggie), gloves, and elbow and knee pads. I’d recommend the helmet last a lot longer than the others, because concussions and head injuries are very serious. The other injuries would be awful and hurt, but those heal much better than a terrible head injury.

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