Free Paystub Generator - 100% Free Paycheck Stubs Maker online in USA (2024)

Get First Pay Stub worth $4.99 FREE & pay per stub charges as applicable from the next stub. Per User/Company only a single stub is free.

What is a paycheck stubs and why is it important?

A paystub or a paycheck stub is a proof of paycheck issued to an employee. It has identifying information about the employee and their wage details.
Unlike a check or a direct deposit which contains the net salary, a paystub provides important information about gross pay and deductions made from paychecks each pay period. It serves as proof of transaction between the employee and the employer.
Certain state laws require some type of documented pay statement even though it is not mandatory by federal law. Using a free pay stub generator to create free check stubs online saves you time and money while serving your purpose.

Who needs a pay stub generator?

A paystub tool generates accurate online paycheck stubs which are often required for taxes and loans.


An employee can use the free pay stub for loan applications, large purchases, renting an apartment, tax filing, compensation, and claims.


Employers maintain paycheck stubs to keep track of expenses, make tax season easier, maintain transparency, and settle discrepancies in an employee’s pay.


Freelancers and contractors do not have a steady income. It is easier for them to use a free paystub generator to create an instant proof of income.

Small businesses

An online pay stub generator helps small organizations keep a record of their employee salaries with minimal effort and total accuracy.

Large businesses

It is stressful for large enterprises to maintain employee paystub information in Excel sheets. A check stub maker allows them to print paycheck stubs instantly.

How to create a paystub with a pay stub generator?

With a free pay stub generator such as StubCreator, all it takes is a few minutes to generate paystubs online for free.
Fill in minimal details, and choose the Pay stub template.
Our tool will generate your check stub instantly!
Preview the pay stub, and download it! We’re done!

How to recognize fake pay stubs?

With pay stubs, do your due diligence and ensure to the best of your ability that the document is legitimate. There are hundreds of free check stub makers online generating falsified documents or using a poorly designed paycheck stub calculator tool. Using a fake paystub can be considered fraud and may be punishable, including fines and penalties.
When choosing a free paystub generator, make sure you use a genuine online tool. StubCreator generates your pay stubs in an accurate form to work for your specific needs.

What are the benefits of using a free pay stub generator?

Save time, save money, and get an accurate pay stub online for free within minutes with a pay stub generator. Our StubCreator has many more benefits as listed below.

Generate your first paystub completely free!

Want to try before you use our online check stub tool? Get your first check stub on our free paystub generator 100% free! Store them in digital format and print them on paper when needed. Keep track of your employees’ salary information, serve it as proof of income, use it to make your tax season easier, and keep track of employee expenses. Many purposes, and one solution- StubCreator.

Pay stub generator for pay stubs in the whey you want

Choose from different themes to print pay stubs in your preference. We generate pay stubs for easy online access as per the state rules. Pay stubs for California or Texas? No worries. Our paystub generator also includes details on taxes, overtime, and direct deposit. We take care of each detail to provide you with an error-free pay stub online.

Check stub maker to print paystubs in bulk

Save yourself from the hassle of creating employee paystubs on Excel sheets or maintaining them on paper. Now, generate check stubs online with StubCreator. It’s super easy. Fill in the details, submit, preview & download.
Browse through some pay stub examples before you select your preferred one from a range of basic to advanced paystub templates. Generate your employee pay stub in minutes. Save money, save time!

Paystub generator for instant online access

Create paycheck stubs online and access them anytime anywhere on the go! Access them on your mobile device and show them as income proof instantly. No more searching for physical records or carrying documents with you. StubCreator gets your work done in minutes! Try this 100% free paystub generator tool now!

Free Paystub Generator - 100% Free Paycheck Stubs Maker online in USA (2024)


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