Frequently Asked Carrier Questions | C.H. Robinson (2024)

Frequently Asked Carrier Questions | C.H. Robinson (1)

C.H. Robinson Carrier Questions

Unless otherwise specified, the following information refers to European carriers.

Get started

Q: What documents do you need to haul for C.H. Robinson?

You will need the following documents to get started:

  • A completed carrier setup form
  • Domestic and/or international transport license
  • Your liability insurance policy (minimum of €25,000)
  • Insurance verification form with insurance company stamp and signature
  • A completed equipment-related form, which includes your bank account number
  • VAT certificate and/or an extract from commercial court that confirms commercial activity

Want to become a C.H. Robinson carrier? Simply, fill out the signup form and a team member will contact you shortly.

Q: What is your C.H. Robinson number? Where do you find it?

C.H. Robinson ID numbers identify your company in Navisphere, to help keep track of each transaction your company has with C.H. Robinson.

You can find your C.H. Robinson ID number on load confirmations (orders) or by getting in touch directly with our billing department. All ID numbers start with ‘T’ followed by a series of numbers.

Having trouble locating your ID number? Call +48 22 653 6595 and ask for your ID or T-number. We will ask you to verify some company information to protect your security.

Q: What kind of equipment and capabilities does C.H. Robinson hire?

We have a wide variety of customers with varying needs. Most of our shipments utilise the following equipment and capabilities:

  • Dry van
  • Domestic
  • High value
  • Drop trailer
  • Team driver
  • Cross-border
  • Bulk & food tank
  • Standard Tautliner
  • Temperature controlled
  • LTL/groupage/consolidation
  • Flatbed/overweight/overdimensional

Manage QuickPay

Q: How do you set up QuickPay?

Your QuickPay agreement is sent to you directly by your C.H. Robinson representative, who will guide you on the steps you need to take to set up your QuickPay payments.

Have questions about your QuickPay options or how to set up? Call +48 71 719 7122.

Q: Can you be charged for QuickPay service if you are not a QuickPay carrier?

While it is unlikely you would be charged for QuickPay if you are not a QuickPay carrier, errors can happen. In the event of an error, we will refund the fee.

Q: How can you lower QuickPay fees?

QuickPay fees are based on your current status within the Carrier Advantage Programme. Talk with your carrier representative or your assigned office to gain a clear understanding of your status and what steps you can take to get a lower fee.

Find and manage loads

Q: Can you get load tenders online?

Yes. Talk to your C.H. Robinson representative about receiving and accepting/rejecting load tenders through email.

Q: How can you search for loads?

The easiest way to search for and find available loads is through Navisphere Carrier. Within Navisphere Carrier, you can filter your search by origin country, specialised equipment and more.

Navisphere Technology

Navisphere Carrier

Q: What does it cost to use Navisphere Carrier?

Navisphere Carrier is free to all C.H. Robinson carriers. To get started, simply create a Navisphere account using your carrier ID number.

Navisphere Driver

Q: What is Navisphere Driver, how does it work and what benefits does it offer?

Navisphere Driver is a free app for drivers to provide automatic status updates—no phone calls required. It has been designed to help them streamline daily operations like:

  • Submitting load updates automatically, reducing time spent on check-in phone calls
  • Checking load details in one place—load instructions, details and references are all in the app

Q: Are there load tracking capabilities on Navisphere Driver?

Navisphere Driver is a GPS-based app that uses the Location Services of the smartphone to provide automatic updates. GPS tracking is more accurate than cellular triangulation used by other tracking solutions.

Navisphere Driver has a standard location update frequency. Arrival and departure times of loading and unloading are also visible.

The combination of GPS and geo-fence tracking provides touch-free shipment visibility throughout the life of a C.H. Robinson load.

Q: How much will Navisphere Driver affect a phone's battery life and data plan?

All apps require battery and data. Our Navisphere Driver app is very efficient, and any battery or data usage is outweighed by the benefits to a user’s business. Navisphere Driver uses less battery and/or data than browsing websites on your phone.

Q: How do you notify drivers about an assigned load when using Navisphere Driver?

When assigning a driver in the Load Editor, select "DRIVERAPP." The driver will receive an SMS text message on their smartphone. Before the driver receives the SMS text, they will receive a hyperlinked question on whether they agree to receive information from C.H. Robinson through SMS. Please ensure they are aware they need to select the ‘Accept’ option so that they can receive all information needed about the loads assigned to them.

If the driver already has Navisphere Driver installed, they will receive an SMS text message that includes a hyperlink to the assigned load and corresponding information.

If the driver does not have Navisphere Driver installed on their phone, they can use the hyperlink in the text to visit the app store and download the app. After entering their phone number and a one-time authentication code (received in a separate SMS text message), they are ready to use the app. No login required.

Q: When are you being tracked using the Navisphere Driver app?

Tracking only occurs during the lifecycle of an assigned C.H. Robinson load. Navisphere Driver starts tracking locations when a C.H. Robinson representative marks a load as “Driver MT” in the Load Editor. Tracking automatically ends with the automatic stop update or a manual arrival/departure is entered for the last stop on the load.

Q: What if a driver no longer wants to be tracked using Navisphere Driver?

Tracking through the Navisphere Driver app can be disabled at any time according to privacy laws and both app store policies. Due to the nature of our industry, tracking freight throughout the transportation process has become an expectation. Providing automatic tracking updates through Navisphere Driver eliminates the hassle of checking calls and counts toward a carrier's inclusion in the Carrier Advantage Programme.

Q: Why are you asked to sign up for GPS visibility software solution to provide real-time updates?

Using a GPS visibility software solution, like Navisphere Driver, you can streamline your daily operations by reducing administrative tasks to focus on the growth of your business. And you can get real-time load tracking with our Navisphere load board planning.

Q: How do you benefit from providing real-time visibility?

Providing real-time visibility enables you to become a preferred carrier. Additionally, you may qualify for our Carrier Advantage Programme, which offers earlier access to freight, QuickPay options and other benefits.

Beyond C.H. Robinson loads, you can offer a “free of charge” real-time visibility service to other providers you haul for. C.H. Robinson can assist with the implementation.

Carrier Advantage Programme

Q: What if your carrier status changes?

A grading review period occurs each month that could potentially change your current tier. Your status in the programme is based on your ability to meet the volume criteria, check in on time for pickups and deliveries, and provide GPS tracking while moving a load. If you have questions about your status, please reach out to your carrier representative to learn more about the Carrier Advantage Programme.

Fuel Card

Q: What savings and discounts do you get with the fuel card?

With the Fuel Card, you can save on fuel and AdBlue across Europe. Carriers can save up to 30 cents per litre. In addition to fuel, you can also save on VAT, excise refund service and choose from a variety of alternative fuels.

Q: How do you prevent unauthorised users or purchases?

The Fuel Card is equipped with a radio frequency chip (RFID) for contactless transactions to minimise fraud risk. For all fuel transactions, the PIN code is also requested. In addition, the C.H. Robinson Fuel Card team monitors each transaction in an online portal. Lastly, there are set fuel limits per litre so you can have better control of what is spent.

Q: What if one of your cards is lost or stolen?

If one of your cards is lost, stolen or if you suspect unauthorised access, you should block your card immediately. Reach out to the helpline by calling the fuel provider directly.

Q: What if you have an emergency or an unusual situation that requires extra fuel?

For an emergency that requires fuel above your set limits, contact us directly at +48 71 719 7122 or send us an email through [emailprotected].

Q: Where can you ask questions about the card?

Questions regarding fuel cards or the Carrier Advantage Programme can be directed to your representative or to the subject matter experts available at +48 71 719 7122. You can also email [emailprotected] and/or [emailprotected], depending on the nature of your questions.

Still have questions?

Ask about becoming a carrier, programme statuses and discounts, managing loads, or anything else. Our carrier services team is standing by, ready to help.

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Frequently Asked Carrier Questions | C.H. Robinson (2024)


Frequently Asked Carrier Questions | C.H. Robinson? ›

Robinson fleet-management-and-logistics tool are USPS with 50.21%, UPS with 18.37%, SAP Transportation Management with 4.68% market share. What are the top countries that use C.H. Robinson? Around the world in 2024, over 58 companies have started using C.H.

Who are C.H. Robinson's biggest customers? ›

Robinson fleet-management-and-logistics tool are USPS with 50.21%, UPS with 18.37%, SAP Transportation Management with 4.68% market share. What are the top countries that use C.H. Robinson? Around the world in 2024, over 58 companies have started using C.H.

What carriers does C.H. Robinson use? ›

Easily find the lanes and freight you want anytime, anywhere with Navisphere® Carrier.

What does C.H. Robinson stand for? ›

Named after our founder, Charles Henry Robinson, C.H. Robinson has evolved from a wholesale produce brokerage house in Grand Forks, North Dakota, into the world's most powerful logistics platform. Charles Henry set the foundation for our company culture—be hardworking, flexible, and service-oriented.

Who is C.H. Robinson biggest competitor? ›

Top 10 C.H. Robinson Alternatives & Competitors
  • UPS Supply Chain Solutions.
  • XPO Logistics.
  • Shippabo.
  • AIR 7 SEAS Transport Logistics Inc.
  • Expeditors.
  • SHIPIT Logistics.
  • DSV Freight Forwarding.
  • AMP Shipping International.

What is the T code in C.H. Robinson? ›

You can find your C.H. Robinson ID number on load confirmations or check stubs. All ID numbers start with “T” followed by a series of numbers. You can also see your “T” number in the dropdown located in the upper right-hand corner of Navisphere Carrier.

What brokers can I use with a new authority? ›

Brokers that work with new authorities
  • CH Robinson.
  • Total Quality Logistics (TQL)
  • Knight Transportation.
  • Lipsey Logistics.
  • Online Freight.
  • KCH Transportation.
  • Freight Management.

Does C.H. Robinson own any trucks? ›

In fact, many large and very successful transportation companies do not own trucks. C.H. Robinson is one of those companies. The consideration to own or not own can be subtle, and we can find pros and cons on all sides of the equation.

What happened to Carolina freight Carriers? ›

The Cherryville based company was an economic driver to the town, providing jobs to over 11,000 people nationwide and around 2,500 to locals in Cherryville. Carolina Freight closed down in 1995 after being acquired by Arkansas Best Corporation.

Is C.H. Robinson laying off employees? ›

Eden Prairie-based logistics company C.H. Robinson is cutting another 300 employees, the second round of layoffs in seven months.


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