Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (2024)

Kyren Wilson is a World Snooker champion but he is a few zeroes short of joining the sport's rich list.

Wilson, 32, won his first world title by overcoming Jak Jones in a nail-biting final at The Crucible. Despite taking an initial 7-0 lead over the Welsh qualifier, the final match proved to be anything but a walk in the park for the Englishman. He appeared to have the game in the bag with a 15-10 lead going into the final session.

However, Jones wasn't ready to throw in the towel, as he won three consecutive frames after Wilson extended his lead to 17-11. In the end, Wilson kept his cool to clinch an 18-14 victory, earning him his first world title and a hefty £500,000 prize. As Wilson savours the biggest win of his career so far, Daily Star Sport takes a look at snooker's rich list.

Ronnie O'Sullivan - £32m

Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (1)

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Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (2)

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Despite being spotted at a bus stop puffing on a cigarette after winning the UK Championship, Ronnie O'Sullivan could easily afford a fleet of buses with his staggering net worth, reports the Mirror.

The Rocket has racked up an estimated £13.9m in prize money alone, including £876,000 last season. He's also made a pretty penny from other ventures, including publishing three novels, three autobiographies, and even a cookbook.

Despite his reputation as one of snooker's most unconventional players, O'Sullivan isn't known for splashing out on flashy cars or designer gear. He has previously owned a couple of luxury canal boats, including one he listed for sale at £129,950 back in 2019.

Stephen Hendry - £25.5m

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Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (3)

Even though his playing days are behind him, Stephen Hendry remains one of the wealthiest figures in snooker. The Scotsman reports that the 55-year-old boasts a net worth of around £25.5m.

The Scottish legend's record of seven world titles was only matched by O'Sullivan in 2022. Over his career, Hendry is estimated to have pocketed about £13.2m in prize money.

But when you factor in appearance fees, sponsorship deals, endorsem*nts and other bonuses, his net worth is thought to be just over £25.5m.

Although he's now retired, he continues to earn a decent income through his punditry work for the BBC, participating in touring exhibition games and his YouTube channel 'Stephen Hendry's Cue Tips'.

Mark Selby - £9.3m

Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (4)

Selby was defeated in the final by Luca Brecel last year - but he could console himself with his stunning Lamborghini Hurracan. The Jester from Leicester has had an incredible career in the sport, clinching four world titles.

After winning the world title in 2018, Selby splashed out £215,000 on his dream supercar. These days, his spending is more modest - after his 2021 victory, he celebrated by buying his daughter some new toys.

While Selby's spending habits may not be as extravagant as his 2018 celebrations, he still enjoys a life of comfort. He and his family reside in a stunning Leicester mansion, complete with a top-notch snooker room, a fun-filled playground, and a swimming pool.

Steve Davis - £8m

Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (5)

Steve Davis has often joked that more people were interested in his stint on 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' than his snooker career. Fortunately for him, his earnings from the game mean he'll never have to worry about making a name for himself in the sport again.

Davis, now 66, hung up his cue in 2016 after 38 seasons. He now lends his expertise as a commentator or pundit for the BBC. The London-born star has also amassed a tidy sum through other ventures.

He's penned over a dozen books on a variety of subjects, from snooker to cooking. Davis' DJing gigs have even seen him take to the stage at Glastonbury, guest present on BBC Radio 6 Music, and spin the decks at numerous nightclubs across the country.

Mark Williams - £4.8m

Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (6)

Despite falling victim to hackers and fraudsters who accessed his bank account in 2020, Williams boasts a net worth of a cool £4.8m. In addition to raking in an estimated £7.5m in prize money, Williams also earns a decent income from endorsem*nts and sponsorships.

He even has his own line of ball cleaner and snooker training aids, which he sells on his website along with his own range of merchandise. His crowning achievement to date remains his spectacular victory over O'Sullivan in the Tour Championship in 2024.

From his victory, he pocketed a cool £150,000 first prize.

John Higgins - £4.8m

Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (7)

'The Wizard of Wishaw', John Higgins, is still one of the wealthiest snooker players today. According to OLBG, he has racked up prize winnings just shy of £9.8m.

However, his net worth currently stands at a tidy £4.8m. Higgins is one of the most successful players in the game today, having clinched four world titles throughout his glittering career, with his last win in 2011.

In 2021, Higgins put his plush five-bed mansion on the banks of the River Clyde, Scotland, on the market. The stunning property also boasts a detached games room.

Ken Doherty - £4m

Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (8)

Doherty is a familiar face for snooker fans, having secured a host of punditry and commentary roles with the BBC. The 53-year-old won the world championship in 1997 and has chalked up more than 350 century breaks.

He's also a keen poker player who took part in the 2012 World Poker Tour. Sadly for him, he only managed to secure a 14th placed finish, missing out on the £175,000 jackpot. Last year, Doherty revealed that he and his ex-partner were selling their five-bedroom home in Rathgar Ireland, which was listed for £2.2m.

Recently, Doherty won over snooker fans when he challenged Barry Hearn over rumours that the World Snooker Championship could be relocated from the Crucible to countries such as China and Saudi Arabia.

Snooker’s richest players after Kyren Wilson bags £500k for World Champs win (2024)


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