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Super Pickleball Adventure Speedrun Any% GuideThe SetupThe first program you will need is Livesplit. This is just for convenience and to see how good your pace is. Go to to download it. When it’s installed go to “Settings” and enable “Global Hotkeys” All that’s left for Livesplit setup is to set the hotkeys to whatever is most convenient for you.

If you are unable to download livesplit on your device, don’t worry, it isn’t necessary to run, you can just use a stopwatch to time yourself or time yourself afterwards.

Next up is a recording software. I recommend using OBS but any recording software can work. If you use a device that you can’t record on, you can always use a camera or a phone to record your screen.

Next up, to play superpickleball adventure go to Make sure you have to /play at the end to avoid any ads and to prevent lag.The RunTo run Super Pickleball Adventure you need to beat the 3 Bosses around the island and the Final Boss. The normal route for the run is to beat Sheriff first, then, beat the Twins and get the quarters, next, beat Mokomo, then finally, beat Hector and the Final Boss. In general you want to be diving with the Y button as much as possible because it’s the fastest movement option.Dad TutorialThe strat here is simple. First, go to the center and up against the net and dive forward when the ball comes near you.

Next, dive forward once, then hit the ball to the left and to the right normally. After that, you want to move to the right for the next volley.

Next up, when you are on the right side of the court, hit the ball to the left, to the right, and hit the ball without any direction held. The order in which you do this doesn’t matter. After that, move to the opposite side of the court

When you are on the left side of the court do the same exact thing you did on the other side. After that, do 3 dives directly forward.

The last position you want to be in is slightly to the right of the start position and all the way up against the next

Kip FightFor the kip fight, you first want to initiate the encounter from the left side of the screen. This way Kip has less distance he needs to walk. Then when the fight begins, you want to intentionally lose. Serve the ball immediately and dive directly across from Kip as far forward as you can go. After that it’s really easy - just lose.

Radar FightThis fight in a casual run is very difficult. However, it can easily be cheesed by simply going in front of the portals. Once you are in front of it, hit the ball to the right

Sheriff FightTo beat Sheriff you need to hit the sheriff with the ball, but he will move pretty sporadically. You want to be as far up as possible when you hit the ball to minimize time loss and so he can’t hit the ball away at the last minute. Another thing to note is that you can dive into the ball to send it straight forward. Having micro control over where you hit the ball is key to winning this fight, but it is still up to luck if Sheriff is in the position you need him to be.

Credit to richodude for Sheriff fight gameplayTwin FightThe strategy for the twin fight is to move all the way up to the net and very slightly left. Then dive into the ball to get a spin shot. Repeat this 5 times. After that, leave the building and go to the right, and exchange your dollar for quarters at the Bodega.

Obligatory Fishing MinigameTalk to the old man blocking the entrance to the mountain to get the fishing rod. Next up go to the pond and fish. You want to position yourself slightly to the right of the center because the lure gets launched slightly to the left.

Note: Try not to get over ten like I did here because that’s a time lossMomoko Fight

The strategy here is to dive forward and a little to the left then hit the ball to the far right. If you’re lucky, Momoko won’t be able to hit it, but if she does just dive into the ball to make it go straight up

Credit to Gavrn045 for Momoko fight gameplayHector FightHector can be a little difficult but you should be good as long as you hit the balls in different directions. Go as far up as you can but leave a little bit of room for you to react to both balls.

Champion FightFor the Champion fight you want to stay as far up as possible and in the center. Be ready to move slightly left or right and for the final volley move back a little bit or else you will miss the final shot. Timing ends when he starts glowing and it’s timed down to the millisecond - not second.

Credit to hehateme30 for the Champion fight gameplayCreditsCreated by Pokeman4LifeThanks to hehateme30, Gavrn045, and richodude for gameplayThanks to andrfw for making Super Pickleball AdventureThanks to the moderators for (hopefully) putting this document on

Super Pickleball Adventure - Guides - (2024)


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